If you’ve come here, you’ve probably read my previous posts on Facebook, heard about my blog through a friend, or are just curious and like to stalk new people. Either way, welcome to my blog!

I created this blog so that I can share my thoughts and concerns about where our world is heading. So many changes have been made across the world since the onset of technology. Nowadays, great ideas, values, friendship, and news is spread across the globe instantaneously. The problem with this is that the BAD ideas, immoral values, hatred, and corrupt news is spread just as fast!! Unfortunately, this has the effect of changing peoples opinions – often based on faulty or biased information – and purporting the spread of negative values, hateful ideas, and  poor judgement without knowing all the facts and considering the options and consequences.

This is what I am all about – reminding people of what they may have forgotten, presenting consequences they may not have recognized, and pointing out the foolishness of things happening around the world. It is important to realize that I very much ENCOURAGE debate over the topics I discuss here. Like each of the people I discuss in my blogs, I am fallible and may not have seen or realized some aspect of my own opinions. However, any disrespectful, inflammatory, or threatening debates will not be tolerated. Only by discussing and understanding each others’ opinions will be be able to progress and improve ourselves, our environment, and our world.

I identify myself as a “Liberal Conservative”. This is a difficult identification to explain, but I have no doubt you will understand by reading my blogs and interacting. Essentially, as an example, I may argue that adultery is completely wrong, but the adulterer has the same rights (and responsibilities) as anyone else – indeed many adulterers are my best friends! Again, you’ll understand this position more as you read my posts.

Many of my posts will be political – especially as politics are front-and-center in the news and voting is around the corner. I am not Democrat and I am not Republican, although you will find aspects of both in my political “rants”. Similarly, and making more obvious what I mean by “liberal conservative”, you will find that I am not pro-gay or anti-gay, pro-guns or anti-guns, pro-America or anti-America, . . . . . are you starting to see a trend?

I hope that you enjoy my blog and join me in some lively discussions about the world around us that matters to us all. My first blogs will be “transfers” from previous “FaceBook Rants”. I will try to post a new article at least once every week, but I make no prommises. Likewise, it’s certainly likely I may have more than one article a week. If you have a topic you want me to “rant” about, please feel free to email me (conwatcher@gmail.com). Thanks and, again, Welcome Back to the USA.



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