1st Presidential Debate Analysis

OK, here’s my (mostly) objective analysis of last night’s Presidential Debate:


Full Disclosure: I don’t support any candidate, but I am decidedly anti-Hillary – although I have always considered myself “democrat-leaning”.

The Big Picture: Hillary won the debate – but ONLY by default.

What I mean by this is that she at no time made any convincing points or counterpoints. Trump had the opportunity to walk all over her and crush her, but he let her get under his skin. His biggest gaffe: When she was the most under his skin and he was the most riled up, he made the comment, “I have the right temperament for this job.” – Wrong time for that comment, dude!

Trump made some great points and showed he’d be the better president without question, but he was in defense mode nearly the entire debate. Thus he failed to really push Hillary on simple topics that would have sunk her fast – emails, lying to public, lying to Congress, Benghazi, etc. He did an awesome job at nailing her on NAFTA and TPP, and her attempts to “flip” and “negotiate” her point of view on them failed miserably in my eyes.

All this being said, Trump had one decidedly large hinderance to doing better. He wasn’t just on the defense from Hillary, the MODERATOR constantly challenged him! I have no problem with Lester Holt fact-checking the candidates, and Trump did a fine job in striking back against the challenges. But, on FIVE occasions, Holt interrupted Trump to challenge him – at NO TIME did the moderator interrupt or fact-check Hillary! And let’s face it, both candidates stretched the truth or outright lied in one way or the other. Because of this, Trump spent his time defending himself against attacks and challenges – AS WELL AS having to fact-check Hillary himself – which kept him off his feet.

So, I have to admit that Hillary won the debate, but it was with help, hinderance, and lack of gaffes – NOT by actually having the better responses or answers.


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