Why we Love Trump – Why we Hate Trump


I want you to really think about something: 

Do you love Trump? Maybe you hate him? Chances are you REALLY love Trump or maybe absolutely despise him, right?

Now think about your friends and family and those you work with. Whether they agree with you or not, do they love Trump or hate him? And, again, almost certainly they are really overly supportive or downright against him becoming president.

But do you – or anyone you know – have a completely indifferent opinion of Donald Trump? Seriously, do you know anybody at all that says, “Doesn’t matter to me – I could take him or leave him”? I would be willing to put money on the fact that you do not! There is a good reason for that, believe it or not – and I’d bet that many of you are going to find the reason for it very offensive.

First off, it’s important to note that my theory really only works if you are Republican or Independent. Democrats may very well hate Trump merely because he’s not running as a Democrat. Nonetheless, if you are a devout Democrat, you’re likely to appreciate my interpretation – and have cause to tease your friends.

To help you understand my perspective, let’s look at a few things. What is the reason that you like/dislike Donald Trump? Certainly it can’t be his policy stance that draws you to him or away from him. His stance on virtually all topics are EXACTLY the same as his GOP competitors. And the topics they do differ on are only slight variations – not enough to create such a drastic attachment or detachment from Trump. In fact, listening to the other GOP candidates (as well as Democratic candidates!), they have begun to echo The Donald’s policy views in their own words, even if they thought differently in the beginning.  Now I’m sure there will be those who are thinking right now that they don’t trust him because he has changed his views, is belligerent, etc. But let’s face it, there is NO candidate that hasn’t had a different belief (or voiced a different view) in the past. Trump is no different from other candidates in that respect, so that certainly can’t be the reason for such drastic variations in people’s opinions of Trump.

There really is only one major difference between Donald Trump and the other GOP candidates. Trump speaks his mind regardless of the words or volume he uses. He uses language that can be considered vulgar, defamatory, and insulting. He doesn’t care if you are offended or if you find his words racist, sexist, or divisive. But, and let’s be honest here, unless you are a “terrorist” or a “radical Jihadist”, Donald Trump has not directly said anything against you or anyone else. Some people have decided to take his words as offensive on some level, but that has only been an interpretation and NOT a direct statement from The Donald.

And here’s where I am likely to offend or draw criticism from you for the reason behind Donald Trump’s success and such strong feelings for or against him. You see, the previous paragraph is the simple definition of Political Correctness, and political correctness is something that is embraced by the liberal party, not by the conservatives. Sure, conservative politicians try to be “politically correct” so they don’t offend or drive away voters and constituents. But the base belief of the conservative movement is NOT being politically correct. On a very basic level, conservatives have always believed “this is wrong”, “that is not proper”, “that should not be allowed”, etc. Conversely, liberals – on a very basic level – believe that “this should be allowed in all circumstances”, “nobody should be excluded”, etc. Following this logic, it’s hard to deny that, if you prefer “political correctness” in your candidate . . . . . you are a liberal!  Hence, those that have such hatred and disdain for Donald Trump are essentially liberals – even if they consider themselves Republicans. If you support a GOP candidate other than Trump, you’ll hate me for saying this. But, by the above definition, Donald Trump is the MOST conservative of all the candidates. Our conservative politicians have changed over the years, but we shouldn’t allow the definition of conservatism to change because of that.

Now before I get a bunch of nasty emails, let me remind you that I have always considered myself a “Liberal Conservative”. Also, let me remind you that, as I just explained, if you take offense to me calling you a liberal because you dislike Trump, you only further show yourself to be a liberal for taking offense!!  Like Donald Trump, I am just calling it as I see it, regardless if you are offended by my interpretation.

The fact that there is no “middle ground” or indifference when discussing Donald Trump says a lot about our country, I think. Those that like Trump are truly fed up with political correctness, lies, and corruption. The media has said often that Trump could literally say anything and it would only increase his ratings in the polls. That’s because the policies are important, but mean absolutely nothing compared to changing how our government has become after years of corruption, political correctness, and lies from those we have entrusted our country to. As a “liberal conservative”, I have told others the following when asked about Trump: “If elected POTUS, Trump is very likely to create chaos and almost certainly offend others around the globe. He may just make a complete mess of some things and upset many with the policies and procedures he creates and follows. But our government could use a good shake up! I’d tolerate four years of chaos if it meant giving America a good kick in the backside!” And I personally believe that his experience and abilities will definitely improve the economy, debt, and jobs – even if nothing else improves (or gets worse) during his presidency.

Seriously, look how much differently the current candidates speak and conduct themselves compared to how they would normally do so if Trump weren’t in the race. You see the Democratic side changing as well! And I doubt anyone would disagree that campaigns will forever be different as a result of The Donald’s current campaign. Whether you like him or not, whether you agree with him or not, he is making changes. And if my interpretation of how conservatism has changed over the years is correct, then Donald Trump would truly be bringing conservatism and America back to where it was before all the lies, corruption, etc. (I’m doing my best to not say he’d make America great again.)

There are some topics in our country that are truly polarized – meaning there is no middle ground or “take it or leave it” feelings. Abortion, racism, sexism, terrorism, religion, etc. – do you know anyone that can say about these topics that they don’t care one way or another? Of course not, people have very specific and are adamant about their opinions on these topics!

Donald Trump has found a way to add himself to that list of polarized topics. He’s forcing America’s hand on the topic of political correctness. If he wins, it will mean that the majority of America wants the freedom to speak their mind, even if people are offended. It will mean that people want the true definition of conservatism back. It will mean that we want our country run by people who can’t be bought or corrupted.  

If Trump loses the election, it will mean the majority of America wants a country that is considerate of everyone, regardless of their beliefs and ethics. It will mean that people want a government that takes care of each other and works together for the benefit of the government and their contributors/supporters.  It will mean that America wants someone that will say what makes people happy and not offend friend or foe.

Looking back over this article, it occurs to me that it favors Donald Trump. Ironically, this is EXACTLY what I’ve been trying to explain about Trump. The purpose of my article was to give an unbiased examination of the “Trump Phenomenon” on both sides. But, like I’ve been saying, it really is impossible to not take sides, isn’t it?


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