Why I Am Not Allowed in the White House . . . .

Recently there’s been a lot of talk in the news about this kid who built a clock and brought it to school to show his teacher. This boy was arrested by local law enforcement, handcuffed, and taken to jail while they investigated. Ultimately, it was discovered that the device was just a clock, with no connections or intentions of creating an explosive device and the boy was released. Now this young man has been granted a transfer to another high school – at the taxpayers expense for travel and enrollment – and has been invited to the White House by our President.

I’ve heard all sorts of topics surrounding this news story, but nobody seems to have the same thoughts that I do regarding this. To me, it is an unfortunate event where, as far as we know, a teenager just did something foolish. (I’ll explain what I mean in a bit). Haven’t we ALL done something foolish when we were that age?? Many of us are probably still doing foolish things on occasion!!

To help you understand what I mean by “foolish”, consider the events going differently – as it HAS in our country so many times – and the consequences to our teachers and law enforcement. What if – just if – that teacher responded by saying, “OMG, that is so awesome! How creative of you! You’ve earned these extra credit points I’m giving you!”, instead of contacting local police?  And what if – just if – the police officer responded to the call and said, “Your teacher is just over-reacting and racially profiling this Muslim kid. This is just a clock.” instead of placing the high school student under arrest and investigating the device and the circumstances? And, what if – thank God, only “if” – this device was an IED and. as students gathered for lunch in the cafeteria next door, an explosion ripped through the school killing hundreds – if not thousands – of students and faculty?

The greatest part of these “what if” statements is that we don’t need to hypothesize what would happen – it HAS happened multiple times! We already KNOW how Americans and the world would react!

Many police officers have been investigated, lost their jobs or sanity, and/or been publicly humiliated and degenerated because they didn’t err on the side of caution or dismissed something as trivial and unimportant. Recently in the news, I read about a police officer that responded to a domestic violence call. When he arrived, he spoke to both parties and was able to calm both down. Both agreed there was no cause for concern and agreed to go back to their day. An hour later the officer returned to the couple’s home to find the man had killed his wife, kids, and fled the country. During the investigation, it was discovered that, had the officer conducted a routine background check, he would have found that the man had a history of domestic violence, aggravated assault (against women, no less), as well as a warrant in another state for vehicular manslaughter where he had a hit-and-run with a death involved. The officer was terminated and lost a civil suit by BOTH sides of the couple’s family – his life was ruined. Would you blame that cop for failing to prevent multiple murders? Or should he not be held responsible to investigate potential problems like this?

Similarly, how many teachers and/or daycare employees – as well as their employers – have lost their jobs, freedom, and/or thousands of dollars in lawsuits for failing to report a disturbed child, a fresh bruise, or questionable writing assignment? How would YOU feel if this happened to your child:  Your child’s teacher notices a distinct change in their behavior and activities. Additionally, your child submitted a homework assignment to that teacher about “death and the release of pain” as well as an art project depicting guns of all types. What if that teacher dismisses these actions as “just typical teenage behavior” and doesn’t report this behavior or confront the child. Then your child blows his brains out with his dad’s gun, or takes that gun to school and kills hundreds before turning the gun on himself – leaving a note saying, “Nobody seems to care that I’m hurting”.  Would you blame that teacher for the loss of your son and possibly other kids? Or does she not have that responsibility to report suspicious behaviors/actions like these?

Let’s face it, we would go ballistic if either of these examples happened. We HAVE gone ballistic when incidents like these have happened!! Following 9/11, we blamed our president and every three-lettered agency for failing to act on intelligence. If we had investigated the “leads” we received prior to 9/11 as much as we investigated our own people afterwards, 9/11 would instead be celebrated every year simply for being the day after 9/10 and nothing else.

Have we forgotten what we hired these people to do? And let’s touch on the fact that this young man was Muslim. What if our teacher or cop in the previous examples responded to their investigations by saying, “I am always diligent and would ALWAYS report these suspicious acts . . . . . but I didn’t want anyone to think I was stereotyping or being racist.”  Would you accept that excuse as acceptable for the loss of your child, parent, sibling, or yourself?? Of course not!!!

Our perceptions of the world have been so tainted by those “race-baiters” who like to make all issues about race, religion, gender, etc. Between the media and organizations such as “Black Lives Matter”, “American Nazis”, and – sadly – even our own president, we have been made to believe that our actions and words are only valid if we keep them in a personal perspective. In other words, if I say, “those two Muslims are going to blow up the Pentagon”, I am making a racial statement and profiling two people – even if I heard them making plans and seen them building the bombs. HOWEVER, if instead I make the statement, “that Muslim and I are going to blow up the Pentagon”,  I’m informing you that there is about to be a crime and you will take me seriously. Only the fact that I singled the “Muslim” out from myself makes one a racial statement. Similarly, if I testify in an investigation that “I saw that man rob the store”, the man will likely be investigated and arrested and I will be called as a credible witness in the criminal case. But if, instead, I say, “I saw that black man rob the store.”, my testimony would not be allowed, as I am just being a racist.

Racism is disgusting, plain and simple. But it used to actually be “plain and simple”. It wasn’t that long ago that the two examples to distinguish between racism was, “he robbed the store because he’s black” and “he robbed the store and he’s black.”  We need to get back to where profiling and racism was considered a motivation for criminal activity instead of worrying that it will be considered as a criminal activity itself. Our laws are already written that way, but the media and “race-baiters” of the world work daily to blur those lines. For example, if I were to kill a Muslim because I hate all Muslims and I want them all dead, I will be charged with two crimes – Murder and Committing a Hate Crime. Legally, committing a hate crime carries the same consequences whether I killed the man or simply spit on his shoes. Likewise, the murder charge would be imposed on me regardless of the victim’s race, religion, or my race/religion. The problem is only the public’s perception of my crime – not the actual crime – which would be motivated and influenced by the media and those who want racial/religious division.

Finally, I mentioned earlier that I would explain what I meant by this high school student being “foolish”. Creating a clock may seem like an innocuous project, but taken in context, was simply an innocently foolish choice. If I were to create a bomb-shaped paper-mache  piñata for a kid’s birthday party, nobody would much care. But if I take that piñata with me through an airport, I can expect my baggage and myself to be extremely scrutinized and inspected.

And I have intentionally been quiet about the fact that this young man was invited to visit the White House and given a paid school transfer. This is how I see it as ridiculous: In 1996, I was stopped by a police officer while driving through Lafayette, Indiana. The officer asked several questions about where I was coming from, going to, and did I have any weapons in the car. When I responded that I had a (licensed/registered) weapon in my glove compartment, the officer put his hand on his weapon, ordered my hands on the wheel and had me exit the car. He then placed me against the side of the car with my hands on my head – his hand still on his sidearm – while his partner secured my weapon and searched my vehicle. Meanwhile, three other police cars came speeding up. The officers completed their search, returned my weapon to me, and explained that there had been an armed bank robbery just down the street and both my vehicle and I matched the description given by an eyewitness to the robbery. The witness, who was apparently present in one of the police cars, verified I was not the culprit and the search of my vehicle yielded no concerns, so I was released. So why haven’t I been invited to the White House? Why won’t the local police or our government pay for me to move to Cancun or Aruba so that I never have to face the embarrassment of driving through Lafayette anymore?

I know . . . . it must be because I’m a bald, white, Christian with a sexy body. Oh how I hate to be profiled.


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