What happened to our “Democratic” America?

timthumbMany Americans are unaware of this fact, but we no longer have a “Democratic” style of government in the United States. Specifically, laws and amendments and even our elected officials were voted on passed on a majority rule. In many ways, we still get to choose our elected officials – who we hope will represent our interests when they vote – but individual issues are not specifically voted on by the American public. Personally, I think this is a necessary way of running the country, otherwise we would be at the polls on a daily basis, opening the way for corruption, dissension, and inaccurate polls. But we have changed the process so much over the years, that Americans quite literally have NO say in how our country is run, what laws are passed, or even who will be in office sometimes!

Take our IRS code, for example. When it was first implemented in 1913, the IRS code was a 400 page document – interestingly, that code permitted for taxes ONLY on those making OVER $3,000 annually (the equivalent of nearly $69,000 today!), but that’s for another post. With amendments, addendums, and clauses, that tax code is over 75,000 pages long today with the addition of Obamacare (ACA)!!Tax Code Complexity

So complicating and adding to our country’s policies and laws is nothing new, we do it across the board. But where we did it with election laws and procedures for passing laws and foreign policy, we have not only given up the right to have a vote, we have made it impossible to have a say at all!!

Our country has now effectively “approved” the Iran deal (JCPOA) where we lifted sanctions on Iran whilst giving them money – for nothing in return. Personally, I have not heard ANY American that thinks this is a good deal outside of some politicians. So how is this possible? You would expect that our President can make the foreign policy, but must send it to the House and senate for approval – letting “the people” and their representatives decide if it’s a good deal. But over the years, laws on how voting is conducted on such policies has been amended so many times that this is not possible – it’s no surprise our Commander-in-Chief took advantage of this! Under current policies and laws, essentially a vote is taken on whether or not to vote on approving it. That would be like your boss saying, “I would love to give you a raise, but management voted and decided to not even allow me to consider thinking about it.” With the Iran deal, it passed because enough Democrats said we don’t have to think about debating the issue – not that it was debated and approved!

Using this logic, I can foresee a law passing soon that allows the President to choose who he wants to replace him and then gaining enough support so that no Presidential Election would be permitted. Imagine the American people having no say in choosing their leader. Yet that seems to be where we’re heading! Here are some interesting facts from a poll conducted recently regarding the Iran Deal:

  • 69 percent of voters believe the US Congress should be required to vote on the Iran deal. Only 22 percent say let it go into effect without a vote. Indeed even Democrats by 10 points believe that a vote should be required.

  • 78 percent want their senators and congressman to vote no on the deal because it lifts sanctions and provides Iran with $100 billion that it can use to finance its terrorist activities. Only 10 percent said yes. 64 percent of the Democrats say vote no.

  • Only 29 percent said they would vote for their senators or congressmen if they supported the deal. A majority said they would NOT EVER vote for that person again in the future. Forty five percent of Democrats expressing an opinion said that they would not vote for their senator ever again and 66 percent of independents expressing a view said they would never vote for that person again.

  • 65 percent say that it is so important that Congress votes on the Iran deal that if their senators voted to stop a vote in the Senate that they would never vote for them again. Only 24 percent say that it is unnecessary to vote. A plurality of Democrats (45 percent) say that it is important that there be a vote.

  • Reference Here

The most interesting fact of this poll, I think, is that both Republicans AND Democrats agree it is a bad deal AND that a vote should have been allowed in the House and Senate!!

The United States of America (at least I thought!) was founded on the democratic principle of “majority vote” – of the people, for the people, and by the people. So what has happened to America that we have allowed ourselves to come to the point where we no longer have a say in how OUR country is run? Why have we set limits on ourselves so strict that decisions are made for us even when we DO get a vote?

Here’s a curious question: why have we become a split-party country at all?? I mean, I say we have multiple Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party, . . . . hell, even communists if they wanted to try and run for president! Why isn’t it feasible that, when election time comes next year, our two candidates couldn’t legally be Trump -vs- Perry or Clinton -vs- Sanders? Shouldn’t it be narrowed down the two best candidates at the end instead of one party’s favorite (most likely chosen by other politicians, not us!) against another party’s favorite, with a possible third party’s favorite? Shouldn’t the American People be choosing?

What do you think?


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