Have We Become Apathetic and Complacent . . . . AGAIN??

I read an article this morning that really stirred up some strong emotions and made me think about my own sense of complacency when it comes to terrorism. The article was discussing all the intelligence reports and incidents with Al Qaeda prior to 9/11. Here is an excerpt from the article:

All of this should have suggested to America’s leadership that war was being waged against us. In case there was any uncertainty about the intentions of these people, Osama bin Laden clarified it by declaring war on us in the late 1990s. Instead of treating these incidents as part of a war, we treated them as discrete, individual crimes. All of these horrendous terrorist acts, and bin Laden’s declaration of war, shared one objective: destruction of the infidel. They were all undertaken in the name of an extremist interpretation of Muhammad’s call to jihad.

But America was in denial.

Now, once again, the terrorist attacks under the banner of jihad are increasing and diversifying. With so many such attacks and thwarted attacks over the past five or six years, we must recognize that “they”—those who want to destroy civilization—are continuing the war against us.

Yet those running our government seem to be in an even greater state of denial than the nation was in during the period before Sept. 11. Now, instead of bin Laden, Iran’s supreme ayatollah has declared that he wants to destroy Israel, to continue to kill Americans and to establish an Islamic empire including Iraq, Syria and Yemen—and the terrorist groups Iran supports. At the same time, the group known as Islamic State, or ISIS, has declared a caliphate seeking the destruction of Christianity and other infidels, and now occupies key areas of Iraq and Syria.

As we reflect on the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, we must remind ourselves that all the wickedness underlying those attacks still exists and has expanded. We may very well be in more jeopardy now than before 9/11. Attacks such as those at Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon and similar incidents in Europe and around the world reveal that many enemies, not just one, are united in purpose: the destruction of our way of life. Each of these attacks may be more limited than the coordinated terrorist assault on Sept. 11, but they are frequent and hard to anticipate, causing widespread fear, the ultimate goal of terrorism.

This author’s point of view should not come as a surprise to any of us. If you think back, we elected Obama in large part because the we had grown tired of Bush’s “war on terror” – we wanted to get our lives back to normal! With our newly elected president, we argued that we did more harm than good by upsetting our allies with our war on terror. Obama even made a comment during his campaign that he thought it was silly that we didn’t just sit down and negotiate with murderous thugs like Ayatollah Khamenei.

So, today, we may think that our leaders don’t take the threat of Islamic terrorism seriously. But we should remember we put these leaders in office mainly because we were sick of taking it seriously ourselves! . Today, of all days, we need to remember how we felt following that terrible day in 2001. After 9/11, it was clear to most Americans that the risk had to be taken if we were ever going to prevent these things in the future, because it would mean we had finally taken the fight to them. Very few Americans opposed the “Patriot Act” because we understood we had to sacrifice a few rights to put forth a worthwhile fight against terrorists that meant to wipe us out.  

The reason we got behind the fight against terrorism after 9/11 is that the issue had our attention and we couldn’t delude ourselves into thinking that it wasn’t important anymore. Even Democrats supported it, because the political climate of the country made it impossible for them not to. But as soon as they and the media thought it was safe to start running the war on terror down as a way of attacking Bush, they did so, and the public’s support for the fight against terrorism began to dissipate. That set the stage for leaders who were willing to trash the whole thing just to be elected – and in 2008, that’s exactly what happened.

The author from the article even commented that, “Bill Clinton wanted to treat acts of terrorism as individual criminal acts – Barack Obama wants to do that only if he can’t ignore them entirely. Clinton didn’t want to take custody of Osama bin Laden because he thought he needed a legal justification and he didn’t have it – But even Clinton wouldn’t have traded five jihadists for one American deserter as Obama did. Clinton was unwilling to stop Iran from getting nukes – But even Clinton wouldn’t have made a deal that helps them get nukes while ending sanctions against them.”

We have become complacent again – like we were before 9/11 – and we are in real danger of suffering another attack, unprepared and unexpected. We need to begin to pay attention again, understand that threat, and be prepared to fight back. We need to remember that when we lost interest in the fight, the radical Islamists gained the upper hand and spread out, recruiting and attacking. What’s worse, our TOP ANALYSTS  are reporting today that there is a real threat, and their reports are being downplayed by the administration. (Read Colonel West’s article here)

But now when anyone suggests that we start taking it seriously again, the response is, “Oh, and go back to the failed Bush policies?”  We’re losing again, but the only real reason we’re losing . . . . is that we stopped caring enough to really try to win.


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