WW III: Are We Not Paying Attention?

One of the job duties I have been responsible for over the years in Corrections and Law Enforcement has been piecing together information for threat assessment and emergency preparations. For example, I would constantly preach to my Officers and Sergeants to let me know about even minor events in their area. To them, it may just be someone got in a fight with someone else, or maybe tensions have been high in an area because it’s been hot – maybe even an outburst by an inmate over a news report they heard. These are incidents that are typically handled locally, on a unit, in a single prison, etc. and are not a major concern. However, when I received all of these “minor” reports, I may see a trend happening that would be missed if all the events weren’t brought together in one report. In doing so, we were prepared when major outbreaks or coordinated events happened.

Now, I KNOW our government must operate with this same mindset and CERTAINLY they must be better at identifying trends before a situation goes full-blown than I am. So maybe they are aware and are just real good at keeping it all silent . . . . or maybe they don’t want to create a panic . . . . . or maybe I’m just paranoid and seeing potential problems that just don’t exist. But I’m noticing some trends that just seem should be connected and we should be preparing for.

A few months ago, I read an article about Chinese leaders meeting with Russian leaders over sanctions on Russia and working together to support each other. Now, these two countries have always been fierce competitors in the global market, but they consider themselves “friends and allies”. Don’t misunderstand, this is a good thing! Countries working together and maintaining positive relations through difficult times – this is what our world needs.

Over the past few months, there have also been several incursions into and very near America airspace, waters, and disputed lands. These incidents have been with Russia and China almost exclusively as of late. But let’s face it, incidents like these are minor and have been happening for years – it’s routine and expected.

Over the past several months, North Korea has been “coming out of their shell”, so to speak, and communicating more openly. Most prominently, they have discussed “gaining closer ties” with Russia and repairing their relationship with China. But, again, isn’t this what we want?? When North Korea has shut itself behind it’s own walls, it becomes more difficult to find what nefarious plans they may have for South Korea or the western world.

But here’s what concerns me:

The United States has very strained relationships with several more countries than we did a few years ago (Dare I say, because of POOR leadership?). We still have close ties with several countries and, in particular, are very engaged in the troubles of Syria and their civil war. We provide weapons, training, and “non-violent” opportunities for the Sunni’s against their government. But Russia is supplying the government (the OTHER side) with weapons, training, etc.  And now, as I read yesterday, weapons were found that are believed to have been supplied by the Chinese.

Again, I am sure our government has analysts that far more qualified to look at these facts and reach a conclusion than I. But the USA, European, and Arab Nations seem to be under political attack by the Russian, Chinese, and North Korean governments lately. Not specifically 3-on-3 political fighting, each one seems to be experiencing individual attacks (political, cyber, UN proposals). I imagine if I were Russia and hoping to get back my status as World Leader, I would enjoy these little “jabs” while I watched the west struggle with in-fighting, ISIS, watching relations with our allies (Israel) falter, etc. Once we’ve worn ourselves down financially, reduced our military, and splintered into an arguing group of political buffoons, that’s the time to strike and take power.

Vladimir Putin once jokingly made the comment that “there must be an end to negotiations after a time. What happened to the good old days when you just went to war to solve your conflicts?”. While our Commander in Chief has reduced our military capability, other countries have rebuilt and strengthened theirs. While he has allowed ISIS to spread death, rape, torture, and destruction – other nations have worked diligently to ensure civil compliance in their own countries. While our president has propagated, supported, and condoned racial bias and anti-american values, Other countries have united as one force.

Yes, I believe war will be inevitable and, yes, I believe it will all begin in Syria. While we tear a hole in the fabric of our own country and allow race, religion, and personal beliefs to divide us, other countries are waiting to exploit that hole. Oddly, I’m not sure that war wouldn’t just be a good thing for us. It’s what united us twice before, it even caused giant leaps in our economy and world status – does anyone dispute that WWII ended the depression in America? Maybe we need a good kick in the butt to remind us of who we are and what we can accomplish when we are the “UNITED” States. That surge of patriotism has shown in the past that it can and does eradicate those radicalists that are destroying our country today.

I honestly don’t know – and I certainly am not interested in going to war! But if all the facts I’ve listed above hold true, then I foresee Russia, China, and even North Korea coming together to finish what we have been doing already by ourselves – destroying America, Democracy, Freedom, and Liberty. I think they’re just waiting to see who our next President will be – someone who will fight back, or someone who will negotiate away half of our country and economy to appease them.

So who do WE want our next president to be??

I usually make my decision about an hour before I go to the polls – but I’m not all that impressed with the candidate selection so far. The top Republican (Trump) certainly has what it takes, I think, to get America back to where we should be. But will his hothead and spontaneous mouth get him or us into trouble? No question our economy would benefit greatly with him in office, and we already have some of the best military and foreign advisors that he can take advantage of. He won’t be bullied, and I believe him when he says he will increase our military and eliminate our dependence on other countries.

The Democratic leader (Clinton) is, I hope, NOT going to be our only option – and others are creeping up the polls so that may just change soon anyways. Everyone has their opinions on Hilary, but I look at it this way: she is NO different from her husband, except she has LESS ability to lead a country. Bill Clinton did many good things during his term, but I lost all respect for him when he was confronted with a scandal (Lewinsky) and the way he handled it. He started by denying it all the way to bank! Then, when it looked like it was going to smack him, he admitted to some of it, but downplayed the event and his role in it. Then he finally came out, after the investigation, and fully confessed. Now fast-forward to Hilary. When those emails became an issue, she emphatically denied any wrongdoing. Then, as time went on and more information surfaced, she said “maybe”, but downplayed her role or the seriousness of the violation. Now – surprise!! – she has admitted it all and apologized. Whether it’s “I did not have sex with that woman” or “I did not use that personal server to send/receive emails”, the Clinton Playbook on Handling Scandals seems to be alive and kicking!!

I would love to hear your thoughts on all of this! Please comment below to correct me, express your own concerns, or give your “unabridged” opinion ( I promise you would fail at insulting me – I take very little personal).

Click here to see where other nations stand on the Syrian Crisis.


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