EQUALITY (Transferred from Facebook)

Oh Dear Lord, here I go again!!!

E Q U A L I T Y ! ! ! !

Again I read about people doing everything in their power to complicate issues in order to cause division between Americans. OK, let me try and put this as simply as I can:

I have a friend who is a kindergarten teacher, she says she never thought she would choose that career, but finds that it fits her lifestyle just perfectly. We’ve discussed the matter before and I have told her that I could NEVER be a teacher! I don’t have the patience for a bunch of rugrats running around, making noise, tearing things up, etc. And they get sick, making others sick, spreading germs, etc. I will NEVER understand why she would choose to have been a teacher. Similarly, she is disgusted by the fact that I work(ed) in Corrections and Law Enforcement. She also talks about the inevitable diseases passed around by unclean inmates and degenerate criminals. To her, my job puts me in dangerous and deadly situations that are restricted by legal requirements. I’ve explained I was born to work in security and law enforcement jobs – it is just who I am.

I suppose you could say I am “anti-teacher” and she is “anti-security”. This doesn’t mean I hate teachers, nor would I stop being her friend because she is a teacher – it only means teaching is not my lifestyle and I would never do it – teaching is NOT my personal belief! I don’t think she should be treated differently, refused to be served in a restaurant, or told she cannot be legally married, or that she is better or worse than me. WE ARE EQUALS. Likewise, she may not believe in working in a security field, but she doesn’t think I should be treated differently or denied equal rights in this country.

Now take that simplistic example and replace the words “teacher” and “law enforcement” with “Black”, “White”, “Gay”, “Straight”, “Asian”, “Muslim”, etc.

Even the most devout believer that LGBT beliefs are absolutely wrong – if you break it down to the basic idea – will agree that a homosexual is ultimately no less of a person. The problem we read about nowadays has NOTHING to do with equality, it is about imposing judgement upon others. Trying to mix equality with beliefs, prejudices, or biblical law only serves to confuse the situation, divide us as humans, and ignore the purpose for any useful or meaningful discussions.

I’ve heard debate lately that our country was founded on Christian principles, founded by atheists, born of slavery, etc. Any person can look at some part of our founding fathers’ history and come up with a “cause” to support their ideals. But let’s look at some ACTUAL founding guidelines. “We hold these truths to be self-evident . . . ” – we all know the statement from the Declaration of Independence. We are EQUAL, despite all other factors. Not negating any of those factors, but this is the baseline – we are EQUAL. Or how about the principle of “separation of church and state” in our First Amendment? The state is our legal ideals, consisting of our laws, rights, and responsibilities in America. The church is our belief system, consisting of our beliefs, morals, and spiritual guidance. Our forefathers recognized the absolute importance of BOTH institutions, but also the absolute necessity for keeping them separate. In short, our “beliefs” should NEVER interact with our laws of equality, our rights, or our responsibility. Or how about this one . . . “I am the Lord your God. You shall not have other gods before me.” The first commandment given to us by God Himself is essentially saying NOBODY is better than another, save our Lord and Savior. We are all equal in His eyes and no other human – black, white, gay, or straight – is better or worse than another. The only one that is elevated above another is God Himself.

Make no mistake, it is our right and our responsibility to debate our beliefs and our ideals with others – whether we share those beliefs or not. I firmly believe we need to share our beliefs, debate them, and strengthen our own resolve. This is how we strengthen ourselves and fully understand our beliefs and each other. But the SCOTUS decision is about equality, which is what our country stands for throughout the world. Do not intermix equality with your personal beliefs. In MY America, we believe in equality, integrity, and pride. If you want a country that bases their laws on their personal beliefs – and degrades, defiles, or tramples on other beliefs – there are 194 other countries to choose from on this planet.   🙂


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