America – The Melting Pot (Transfer from Facebook)

Those that know me, know I stay out of controversial topics wherever possible, but this whole Religious Freedom topic has really got me miffed! If you’re wondering which side I’m on with it, I’m standing right in the middle watching BOTH sides act like complete fools!! I like to think I’m one of the most tolerant, staunch Christian, liberal conservatives there is out there – and I doubt anyone will disagree that my mind works a bit differently than others.

First, to those who support the recent Religious Freedom legislation, let me say I believe wholeheartedly in religious freedom. It is the foundation upon which our country was built upon! But have we bastardized this principle so much that we believe we are the only correct ones in the world? I mean, Hitler believed he was right and everyone else was wrong, so let’s kill those who disagree. This is the basic foundation of TERRORIST beliefs! I may read the Bible and interpret it as “Jesus believes homosexuality is wrong” and I must follow the footsteps of Him in my beliefs. If so, then Jesus counseled, ate, traveled with, and LOVED criminals, prostitutes, and sinners of all types! In fact, I know of only ONE time that He lashed out or became angry – when His Father’s temple was being defiled by the merchants. I’m here to tell you, I don’t care if you’re straight, gay, black, white, Christian, or Muslim – if you defile MY house or MY beliefs, you can bet I’ll lash out too!! But “Religious Freedom” is a two-way street, you can’t keep your “house” clean and expect it to be okay when you “defile” others’.

Now, for those who are opposed to these Religious Freedom legislations coming out, what in the hell are you thinking???? I mean, forget the whole “tolerance” speech I just gave the supporters, you guys are going to terrorist-level extremes with YOUR fight!! We have big corporations, celebrities, and even state governments that believe the best way to express their opinions is to boycott a whole state??? Do you realize that state is likely home to 50% of people that SUPPORT your cause? Should we nuke Australia because they have a few citizens join ISIS?? There are even those that threaten to burn down establishments that choose to follow a certain belief! That is just about the very definition of terrorism – it’s certainly the exact same principle that Bin Laden followed! And talk about hypocrisy, one organization announced this morning that it will no longer have operations in states that enact a “Religious Freedom Law”. The CEO said he will sign a directive prohibiting this as soon as he returns from his shareholders meeting in Iran – a country that willingly harbors terrorists and openly denounces America. Is it me??!!!

Seriously, folks, if we continue to follow the path we are on, our whole country will become a farce to the rest of the world. We’ll soon have individual states for each religion, race, orientation, and belief. We’ll begin to see lawsuits against Pizza Hut for refusing to serve steak, Chinese restaurants for failing to serve Greek food, SeaWorld for failing to have elephants, and The Mattress Warehouse for not selling computers!! FedEx will be required to provide taxi services, Baptist preachers will be required to teach Buddhism, and Apple will be forced to offer a pizza with every IPhone! Heck, at this rate, it won’t be long before we go to war with Brazil because their citizens are failing to give birth to Canadians!!

Our country was founded to be a “melting pot”. That means that there will be a place for EVERYONE and that NO ONE is forced to provide one type of service/product exclusively. By the same token, you are not forced to go into a business that does not provide the services/products you desire. I applaud anyone who stands up for their beliefs, religion, convictions, etc. But too many of you are standing up for them by standing ON TOP OF others’. That’s how 3rd world countries do it – we’re supposed to be better than that! Let’s face it, the world around us is changing and evolving. Every one of us has the belief that there must be “freedom”, “equality”, and “rights” in one way or another – whether it revolve around race, religion, sexual orientation, . . . whatever. The moment we start changing any of those words into or adding the idea of “persecution”, we have become less – less American, less human, less of ourselves.

One last comment – an object lesson, if you will. It’s been over 50 years since racial equality became a reality. It was brought about by brave people standing up for what they believe and changing America’s ideas, visions, and beliefs about races. It was NOT brought about by persecuting on either side! Not saying there wasn’t persecution, but any demeaning actions/words by either side were a HINDERANCE to gaining equality. MLK said that America’s laws and ideals were wrong, not that white people were wrong. Now look at today, racial equality is becoming an issue all over again. And it’s because of all the violence, hatred, and persecution of each race against the other!! Have we learned nothing from our past?? And now we are bringing religious, LGBT, and racial equality up all over again – do we REALLY think any of them will succeed if we divide ourselves and start bad-mouthing, persecuting, boycotting, suing, and negating each other? You want me to respect you as a Christian, show me you can respect non-Christians. You want me to respect your sexual orientation, respect mine. You want me to think that color doesn’t matter, stop telling me I’m a different color from you. Rodney King hit the nail on the head, “Can’t we all just get along?”


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