America: New Home to ISIS (Transferred from Facebook)

Time again to go off books a little. Not so much a rant this time, as an observation:

America is a country whose core values are in tolerance, equality, and rights for all – especially the right to speech, religion, etc.

Currently in the world – although certainly not the only concern – we have ISIS who is recruiting everywhere, threatening, persecuting, and, sadly, attempting to exterminate those who do not follow their own beliefs.

The USA will eventually, I believe, finally get fed up and fight hard against ISIS, just as we did against Nazism – who were doing the same thing 80 years ago. The problem, however, is that America doesn’t hold those “core values” the same way as we did when Hitler was a threat. Nowadays we have “analyzed” and “extended” our core values to protect others MORE than we protect ourselves!

As a result, here is what I predict will happen: One day – very soon, I believe – we will go after ISIS with the goal of eliminating their power, influence, and threat in the Mideast. They will have nowhere in the world to go . . . . . EXCEPT THE UNITED STATES, where we will allow them to demonstrate, persecute, threaten, and propagate!! Where in the world today can you find past evils? Nazis still exist today – but only in America. And if you read your local news, you will hear how recently we have people who openly admit to belonging to ISIS – but because they have not committed an act of violence, we let them be. SERIOUSLY???!! If you want to know why the Oklahoma bombing took place, it’s because we allow people to say “I believe this place should be bombed”, but don’t do anything about it until they actually have killed hundreds of people!,

Don’t misunderstand me, you all know I am one of the biggest proponents for tolerance and the right to speech. But when we permit the evils of the world to harbor themselves in America AND we give them the same rights as law-abiding citizens, immigrants, and guests . . . we have forgotten the core values our country was founded upon. America needs lots of things – but more than anything, we need to remember who we are and GET BACK TO BEING AMERICA.


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